Doc Braces All-Star Program




The Doc Braces All-Star Program is back again! This is an in school reward program that was created to leverage the popularity of the Wildcats to promote positive behaviour and positive life skills in the classroom and on the school ground. Each participating school will receive a Wildcats All-Star board featuring Wildcat players and stickers that will be handed out to those who are nominated as an all-star!  The Wildcats want to encourage behaviours such as being a good sport, working hard in class, helping others, being a friend, and having a positive attitude.

The Wildcat players will send video message and school announcements throughout the year to help motivate and check in on all of the students!

Who you can nominate as an all-star: fellow students/ teachers and staff/ volunteers/

Every student who is part of an all-star school will also receive three tickets to specific Wildcats all-star games to come cheer on the team at the Coliseum as a reward for all of their great work! Schools will also receive tickets to hand out to your school all-stars!

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Wildcats All-Star Program Application