Moncton Wildcats Hockey Fund 50/50


The Moncton Wildcats will be hosting a 50/50 Raffle at all home games during the season. This game day fundraiser provides fans the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets before and during all Wildcats home games. One lucky fan will go home with half of the gross proceeds, and the other half of the gross proceeds will go to support the Wildcats players education fund and other local charities. Don’t miss this chance to win big for a good cause!

How to Participate

To purchase raffle tickets, fans can look for Wildcats 50/50 sellers at kiosk locations throughout Avenir Centre on the concourse. Additionally, fans physically in New Brunswick can participate online. An update of the jackpot amount will be posted on the scoreboard throughout the game. Online sales will close one hour after puck drop. The raffle will conclude at or near the start of the 3rd period of each home game.

Winner Announcement & Redemption

The winning raffle ticket number will be announced during the 3rd period. The lucky winner can claim their prize at the Fan Services booth located on the concourse. If a guest has the winning ticket number and didn’t claim the prize during the game, they may call (506)382-5555 within 30 days. All online 50/50 ticket purchasers must check online on our website for a winning ticket number. If an online ticket is the winner, the winner must contact the Moncton Wildcats within 30 days of the draw ending, at (506)382-5555 or The Moncton Wildcats are not responsible for contacting either online or in venue winners.

Raffle Rules

  • The jackpot for the raffle shall be total proceeds from the raffle tickets sold for the given draw. The jackpot will be updated continuously throughout the draw and posted publicly.
  • The raffle is only open to those persons who are located in the province of New Brunswick.
  • Ticket purchasers must be 19 years of age or older.
  • Employees of the Moncton Wildcats are excluded from ticket purchase.
  • Volunteers can purchase tickets as long as they are not working the 50/50 event that they are purchasing for.
  • In-person ticket purchasing will be sold at designated 50/50 kiosks in the arena, and by roving 50/50 staff.
  • Online ticket purchasing will be sold via the Moncton Wildcats website by following the prompts to purchase online.
  • Winning numbers will be announced during the third period, displayed on the video board, available at Fan Services Kiosk, posted on 50/50 kiosks, and posted on the Moncton Wildcats Website.
  • Winners have 30 days to claim their prize after which time the winners amount will be applied to balance paid to license beneficiaries.
  • The odds of the raffle depend on the number of raffle tickets purchased for the drawing.
  • Those persons who have won the raffle draw will be publicly announced on the Moncton Wildcats Website along with date of the draw and raffle ticket number.
  • When one draw closes, the next draw will open for the next event at 10:00am the following day.
  • All sales are final, there are no refunds.


2022/23 Winning 50/50 Numbers

Aug 19/22 — #A-1878778 (Jeremiah Duguay)
Aug 23/22 — #B-1284668 (Dominik Sarrasin)
Aug 26/22 — #C-2605240 (Yannick Mailloux)
Sep 11/22 — #D-2681752 (Donnell Babineau)

Regular Season
Oct 2/22 — #A-1302435 (Ruth Dore)
Oct 15/22 — #B-2559147 (Dave Warren)
Oct 16/22 — #C-1863665 (Lorna Conway)
Oct 18/22 — #C-1813451 (Leona Smith)
Oct 20/22 — #D-1650921 (Carole Pelletier)
Oct 28/22 — #E-2283853 (Unclaimed)
Oct 30/22 — #F-1600823 (Mark Boucher)
Nov 4/22 — #G-2351504 (Jim Atkins)
Nov 6/22 — #H-2171653 (David Landry)
Nov 11/22 — #I-1807877 (Amy Cyr)
Nov 12/22 — #J-1006291 (Roger Melanson)
Nov 25/22 — #K-1363796 (David Cummings)
Nov 27/22 — #L-1885244 (Lise Beaulieu)
Dec 2/22 — #M-2672184 (Carter Oglivie)
Dec 3/22 — #N-2274594 (Calvin Bannister)
Dec 8/22 — #O-1028146 (Rick Joyce)
Dec 16/22 — #P-1613657 (Melissa Buckley)
Jan 7/23 — #Q-2842860 (Jeffrey Bonenfant)
Jan 8/23 — #R-1021097 (Daniel Verret)
Jan 11/23 — #S-1915258 (Richard Duguay)
Jan 22/23 — #T-1674909 (Michelle MacLean)
Jan 28/23 — #U-2347544 (Brandon Trenholm)
Jan 29/23 — #V-1791155 (Isabelle Gaudet)

2022/23 Winning Jersey Numbers

Regular Season
Oct 2/22 — Red ticket 335184 (Treena Killam)
Oct 15/22 — Yellow ticket 181466 (Amy Smith)
Oct 16/22 — Blue ticket 127460 (Rose Marie Bastarache)
Oct 18/22 — Red ticket 334810 (Claude Savoie)
Oct 20/22 — Yellow ticket 861291 (Judy Frigault)
Oct 28/22 — Blue ticket 533777 (Daniel Fudge)
Oct 30/22 — Red ticket 130114 (Brenda Jensen)
Nov 4/22 — Orange ticket 407614 (Derek Simkins)
Nov 6/22 — Yellow ticket 261772 (Kenneth Corey)
Nov 11/22 — Blue ticket 212171 (John Woods)
Nov 12/22 — Red ticket 937060 (Gayle Leadbetter)
Nov 25/22 — Yellow ticket 253394 (Samantha Burke)
Nov 27/22 — Blue ticket 211873 (Jeannel Ringuette)
Dec 2/22 — Red ticket 243595 (Unclaimed)
Dec 3/22 — Yellow ticket 181402 (Armand Dionne)
Dec 8/22 — Blue ticket 126236 (Derek Simkins)
Dec 16/22 — Red ticket 130090 (Craig Ramsay)
Jan 7/23 — Yellow ticket 053541 (Dolores Porier)
Jan 8/23 — Blue ticket 208750 (Stephen Fisher)
Jan 11/23 — Red ticket 129069 (Justin Smith)
Jan 22/23 — Yellow ticket 054918 (Craig Ramsay)
Jan 28/23 — Blue ticket 200068 (Eric Black)
Jan 29/23 — Red ticket 136510 (Beverly Wood)