Seat selection for new building has begun!

With the 2017-2018 Wildcats season in the books, excitement levels for the new rink are at an all time high. Seat selection for the new Event’s Centre began last night for our group of season seat members who have had tickets since the team’s inception in 1996.

Seat selection for existing season seat members is now fully underway and will last approximately seven weeks until we get everyone signed up for a seat in the new building! As our kick-off event last night we had a live draw with all of our 1996 members to find out who would have the first pick at seats in the new building. A big congratulations to Michelle and Dave from PuroClean Services of Moncton!

first to pick new seats

Congratulations to Michelle and Dave from PuroClean Services of Moncton, the first to select from the 1996 group for seats downtown!

Anyone who is interested in seats for the new building and doesn’t currently have tickets today, you can call us at the Wildcats Business Office at 382-5555 to get your name on the list. The same goes for Club Seats, the selection for those sections has already begun, anyone who is interested in Club Seats can call the office as well to be put on the Club Seat list.

Not only will the Wildcats have a new state-of-the-art building to play in, the fans will have a whole new level of comfort and fan experience. We have worked hard to keep ticket prices as low as possible for the new building and new this year, our youth and student tickets are now only $131.00 +hst; that is more than a 50% savings over last year’s price!

We have launched an additional website specifically for this seat selection process, on there you can find video of each section and a full mezzanine tour, Club Seat information and seating maps. Please visit for a full look at the new rink!



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