Training Camp Roster Update – Sept 4th

Training Camp Roster – Sept. 4

As of today, here is an updated list of those still left on our training camp roster.

G             Olivier Rodrigue

G             Charles-Antoine Lavallee


D             Jonathan Aspirot

D             Tristan DeJong

D             Christian Huntley

D             Jordan Spence

D             Sam Dow

D             Sean Stewart

D             Jeremie Hebert

D             Jonathan Desrosiers


F              Dominic Leblanc

F              Kyle Foreman

F              Jacob Stewart

F              Philippe Daoust

F              Manuel Alberg

F              Zachary L’Heureux

F              Mark Rumsey

F              Alexandre Parent

F              Francis Langlois

F              Jakob Pelletier

F              Dylan Seitz

F              Mika Cyr

F              Elliot Desnoyers

F              Jacob Hudson

F              Ozzie King

F              Alex Khovanov

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